Internosys is also Academic Project Training provider based at Nagpur; we provide three month or six months Training to all graduate and post graduate Students on IT Live Projects. We provide practical project based training to all Students to enable them to get hand on the latest technologies.

We provide Training on following technologies which helps you to introduce in IT industry:-

  • Structure
  • Exploring new HTML5 structural elements
  • CSS & HTML5
  • How to use & where
  • Domain & Hosting
  • Working with your clients
  • Information on domain
  • Web design pattern
  • Site development process
  • Static v/s Dynamic web sites
  • Dynamic content from database
  • Dynamic web application
  • Client side & Server side scripting
  • Advantage & capabilities
  • Live Project
  • CMS (Framework) Application
  • Shopping Site Portal
  • E-Commerce Application
  • Fast Development Application

We provide Internship program for technical students like MCA, Ploy, Engineering… Also we provide Academic projects.